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Adding Partial Support for SBAS to the SoftGNSS – Part1

In this set of articles I want to share my code which adds to the SoftGNSS GNSS SDR a partial support for SBAS signal processing – WAAS, EGNOS and SDCM. The support is only partial because this new code does only signal acquisition and tracking. The reason is that SBAS and GPS signals share the same family of … Continue reading Adding Partial Support for SBAS to the SoftGNSS – Part1

Galileo In-Orbit Validation satellite

GPS, GNSS and Other Systems

Today the well-known GPS is just one of a few satellite based positioning systems. The American GPS (original name – Navstar) and the Russian GLONASS were the first systems of this kind. There were some satellite based systems before these, but they are obsolete and are not used today. Without a doubt the GPS became … Continue reading GPS, GNSS and Other Systems

Hello world!

Welcome to my homepage!

This page is under development and soon there should be added some GNSS and SDR related contents.

Over time I will also gradually transfer the information from our old GNSS SDR homepage to this homepage.