A Small List of FPGA Boards

Here is my small list of not too expensive FPGA evaluation and other types of boards that can be used for SDR projects. I am mostly familiar with Xilinx products therefore the list consist mainly of boards based on Xilinx chips.

This list will be updated from time to time.

Zynq FPGA based boardsZedBoard

  • Zedboard (about 400$)
  • Microzed (about 200-300$)
  • Xilinx ZC702 (about 900$, including device locked Xilinx software)
  • Red Pitaya, Open instruments for everyone (shown at the top of the page, about 450$, includes onboard 2 ADC-s and 2 DAC-s)

Spartan FPGA based

Altera FPGA chips

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