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dpl130My name is Darius Plaušinaitis. For a number of years I was working on GPS receiver research and development at the Danish GPS Center at Aalborg University. At the center I was one of the few persons responsible for our own GNSS software defined receiver development. I gave a number of lectures (in different countries) on GNSS receivers, GPS, Galileo systems and other GNSS related topics for listeners from industry and academia. My original background is software engineering (from Kaunas University of Technology)  so I also have spent a lot of time developing different types of code in various languages (C, VHDL, Matlab, SQL, pgSQL, Python, Java, and PHP). I have experience also with Assembler for a few platforms (TI C6000, Z80, C31, MicroBlaze). A few of my projects at my past jobs:

  • GPS/Galileo SDR (Matlab version and FPGA version)
  • Car energy simulation model in Simulink for a GPS based intelligent autopilot
  • Custom Windows drivers for various devices (FX2 based). It was also used for my GNSS debugging tool
  • GPS RTK based actuator control prototype for a machine (a few cm positioning precision)

More information about me can be found on View Darius Plausinaitis's profile on LinkedIn or send me a message from a form bellow.

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